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These days computer error messages just seem to be a fact of life. We have become almost immune to the barrage of pop up messages telling us about all kinds of problems with our PCs. Some of these are in fact malware, spyware or adware, programs that have malicious intent towards our privacy and online security, but most of the time, your PC is just trying to tell you about some problems it is having, hopefully before they become serious. Computer error messages fall into some common main groups.

  • Operating System – These types of error messages may indicate serious problems with your computers operating system. This could include problems with the registry, which holds vital information about your computer’s hardware, installed programs and settings. Sometimes an System File can be deleted or corrupted.
  • Specific Program – These types of messages usually only occur when you try to use a specific program, and can indicate an incompatibility or corrupt file. Many times reinstalling the program, or downloading updates, will stop these error messages from preventing use of the offending program.
  • Hardware – This is probably the most serious category of errors that your computer can have. It does not matter how virus free or cleaned of malware your PC is, you can lose everything if it has a fatal hardware failure. If you believe that your computer is having an eminent hardware failure, your should back up all your important data immediately.

Computer error messages can seem like an alien and hard to understand concept, but they are never something to completely ignore. Most of the time error messages are not too much to worry about, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your private information and expensive computer equipment.