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Antivirus programs or Anti-Trojan programs are designed for removing the viruses, spywares or malware programs from your computer. It helps you to clean your system from the viruses or malicious programs. But did you think ever that an anti-malware program may be a virus itself? The program you are using for clean your system may be a malicious program and may make you fool by raising fake error message. The FakeCog is the same kind of tool which is usually used for removing the viruses or spyware from your system.

The FakeCog antivirus program does not pass the standard security parameter and it comes under the rogue category. This type of Fake security program may contain any of the branded name through which it can convince you and can be sold through the internet. After installing and scanning free version of this fake program, it automatically scans your computer and generates various fake error messages. When you go for delete the entire infected file, it might be required registration key or license key. Purchasing a license key is not a solution; it is a trap for you. As you download and install Fake security program, actually you download threats and Trojan. After that you always get fake messages concerning “A problem is found and recovered successfully”. But actually your system is running under big security risk.

How to Remove FakeCog?

When you will try to uninstall the FakeCog program you may get an error message “This program is opened in another process. Close the program and try again”. After trying your level best, you get unable to uninstall the FakeCog program. However it is not easy to FakeCog removal manually for the general computer user. Before knowing various part of the operating system it can’t be deleted manually. Various parts of OS denotes the configuration manager, Registry editor, System files etc. If by mistake any other important services or programs get deleted then it may potentially damage Operating System. In order to remove, delete or uninstall FakeCog malware program from your computer you will have to use any effective and confidential spyware removal tool. To know more about these removal techniques in details please visit the link mentioned below.