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What is Trojan.ServStart.A?

Trojan.ServStart.A is a Trojan Horse Parasites which is the root of computer malfunctions. It infiltrates the user’s PC secretly and connects to malicious remote server automatically. It downloads various malicious files and components from the remote server. It creates security breaches inside the system security and allows hackers to full access the PC.

Properties of Trojan.ServStart.A

• Connect automatically to predefined remote server.

• Automatically download malicious executables files and components.

• Creates security breaches inside computer security

• Allows hackers to access this computer remotely

• Can’t be easily detected and removed from the PC.

Symptoms of Trojan.ServStart.A

However, it is not easy to detect this malware program but there is a way through which identified it. Examines the following files into the PC-

• Open windows>System32 and find the ‘lyxrym.exe’ file.

• Open Task Manager>Processes and find the ‘svhost’ service.

If these files are exist in your PC means your PC is infected with this Trojan malware program and need to remove it immediately.

How to prevent it from the PC?

In essence to prevent attack of this malware program follow the following steps:

• Enable firewall on your computer.

• Update your windows as well as anti-virus regularly.

• Make limit user privileges on the computer.

• Avoid downloading from suspicious sites.

• Always use strong password.

How to Remove Trojan.ServStart.A from the PC?

In order to remove Trojan.ServStart.A manually, you will have to delete various files and processes from the PC. Whenever PC gets infected with this critical Trojan virus, it makes wide changes on PC. It edits various registry entries, downloads and puts various malicious files on local drive and starts various processes. In order to complete removal of this malicious program, it is necessary to delete all the instance of infected files from the PC. It is too hard and time-consuming task. There is also a risk to deletion of another system files.

To prevent all the risk, it is better to use automatic removal method. Removal tool is available which can easily remove this malware program from the PC. This tool is very efficient and quickly scans entire PC for infected files. After that it delete entire instance of infected files and makes the PC clean from virus. This software is easy to use and very safe. It doesn’t delete any system files and ensure complete removal of Trojan.ServStart.A. You can find this tool on the link mentioned below. Here you will get complete guide about how to remove Trojan.ServStart.A from the PC.