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It is often a tough choice if you ever have to decide on whether to go for Stopzilla anti spyware or malwarebytes anti malware. Essentially they are both similar programs (if your talking about the pro version of malwarebytes). Although they are both aimed at different types of badware, Stopzilla does in fact detect and remove malware, and malwarebytes will infect detect and remove spyware.

Probably the biggest key feature of both software packages is the real time protection protocol which actually monitors your computer constantly to prevent any infections from happening. The fact that both of these provide real time protection makes the choice even harder to make!

I have tested both programs out and found that the actual detection rate was very similar between the two. It would be safe to say that you get a very high detection rate since they both use sophisticated heuristics engines to ensure that any malware or spyware like behaviour is discovered before it has a chance to infect.

In terms of usability they both have very simple but effective interfaces and offer the end user a rather easy and stress free experience. There are no complicated options to make life difficult, instead, everything works out the package and tweaking can be done if the user deems it necessary.

Stopzilla does however get the advantage when it comes to support and actually offers more options to get in touch with the technical team; whilst malwarebytes has support I found the options to be lacking when compared to Stopzilla. In all honesty there wasn’t much in it but even so, Stopzilla definitely gets the edge here.

The selling point is really in the fact that Stopzilla now offer virus protection within their software, something that malwarebytes don’t. This basically means that if you are running malwarebytes you are going to want to ensure you have an effective and up to date anti virus solution running along side it. On the other hand, Stopzilla can be used for total computer protection and doesn’t require you to have any additional software.

In conclusion, both are very effective at what they do but Stopzilla has a few extra features that will make it more worthwhile than malwarebytes.