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It’s easy to do and anyone who can download a photograph from their camera to their computer, has the skills needed.

I will explain the whole business to you right here right now. You can start this business with no money, staff or facilities required right from your home at your home computer.

The business model has been proven for decades and is called “Targeted Marketing.”

What you do is to distribute your newspaper or magazine in a particular location such as a zip code, or a community or a county. Once you have figured out your distribution area, you now have something of value to the businesses which are encompassed (located) in this area because your media will be reaching their preferred customer base. Those living in close proximity to their businesses.

You then visit and sell advertising space in your free newspaper or magazine to the business located in the distribution area. If there are 10,000 residences in the zip code of 11229, there are also 2,000 businesses located there whom are interested in reaching these 10,000 residences as they are all close enough to visit their businesses and purchase their goods and services.

It’s not rocket science and it has been going on successfully for over 100 years in all parts of the world. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then you are not an entrepreneur and you will never publish your own magazine or newspaper in your own community for a profit.

If it makes sense to you, then read on and I will continue to tell you how to get the rest of the business up and running and at a profit.

First, you must locate a newspaper printer in your area. Google “newspaper printers + your city” and you must find an actual newspaper printer. A newspaper printer uses a special printing press which is called a “web press.” Often the larger newspapers in a city will print for the smaller ones so you should contact them as well. When you find a newspaper printer you will be able to get 12 page all color newspapers or 16 page all color tabloid (magazine style) printed for around 12-16 cents per copy. If you get prices for double that amount, then you are not speaking with printers with a web press and are talking to offset printers. You do not want an offset printer. You will have to do some research in your area. Note:This whole business revolves around research.

Next you need to determine what type of newspaper or magazine will be best received in your community such as a coupon magazine, golf paper, restaurant guide, seniors magazine, mug shot paper, joke paper, restaurant guide, healthcare directory, auto trader, real estate magazine, and so on and so forth. The skills and mechanics are all the same regardless of what type of publication.

Then you need to figure out how you will distribute your media to your targeted area. You could distribute through retail in the free magazine racks found in supermarkets as well as nail salons, beauty parlors, doctors offices, restaurants, auto repair places, and practically any other retailer who has a brisk business as they are all willing to give out a free newspaper or magazine which will benefit their customers with local discounts and content.

Or, you can mail it through the US Postal systems bulk mail for 17.5 cents per copy whereas you can not only choose the neighborhoods and locations to receive the media, but you can even choose by household income and size.

Basically this is the process and it is do-able in any community of any city in any country without investment or special skills. Perhaps you will be the next entrepreneur to succeed in their own business from their own home in their own community!!