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If you do a little research for online backup, you will eventually run across the names Mozy and Carbonite. Both companies are designed for the same basic purpose: to protect your most important computer files. Each company does it a little differently, but the basic idea is to store copies of your files in the cloud to protect against data disasters at home.

For example, let’s say the hard drive in your home computer suddenly goes bad. If you have a backup solution in place, you can restore any files that were lost when your hard drive failed. Work files, school projects and family photos can all be saved if you have a backup solution.

Anyways, two of the most popular online backup solutions are offered by Mozy and Carbonite. I often receive e-mails from people asking which option is the best, so I’ve decided to write this comparison article to help you make your choice. Both companies are good companies, but this Mozy vs. Carbonite comparison will help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

Mozy Overview

Mozy is a pretty straightforward backup service that comes with several different pricing plans that are based on the amount of space that you need. For starters, you can get a 2 GB plan for free without having to sign up for any contracts or give them your payment information. Paid plans cost $5.99 per month for 50 GB and $9.99 per month for 125 GB.

You can also add more space in 20 GB increments for $2 per month extra. A paid Mozy subscription also comes with a little extra space for file syncing. The file syncing feature allows you to sync files between computers. So if you have a home PC and a laptop, you can use the file syncing space to keep your files updated between both computers.

Mozy costs a little more than Carbonite, but the file syncing space helps offset the cost. Mozy is the best bet if you have a few different computers and you would like to keep work or school files synced at both computers.

Carbonite Overview

Carbonite is a little cheaper and simpler than Mozy. Carbonite costs $59 a year and gives you unlimited backup space for a single computer. There are no special features and the software is simple, but Carbonite is fast and reliable.

The software that comes with a Carbonite subscription works on autopilot to back up your files without any input from you. Once you get the software downloaded and installed, it automatically uploads important files to the cloud and monitors your computer for new files and changes to existing files. Whenever a change is detected or a new file is created, Carbonite uploads those changes.

Carbonite is the best option if you have a large data set and don’t want to spend a lot of money backing it up online. At just $59 a year for unlimited storage space, Carbonite is the most cost-effective backup solution for large file collections. Carbonite doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, but it is effective and reliable.

Source by Sarah S Richardson