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Picking the right home computer desk for your situation can be challenging, and there are always going to be a lot of different materials to choose from. Picking the right material for your situation is probably the biggest step in making sure you pick the right type of home computer desk. The wrong material can make you regret the decision you made, but picking the right material can make you very happy, which is what will hopefully happen in most situations.

One of the most basic materials you are going to find is wood. This classic material is going to give that sharp decoration style that goes right along with most classic looks and earthy color tones. Woods can come in different types, so make sure you are picking the more durable types of wood for your home computer desk, which would be hardwoods. Picking the color normally comes down to picking the right stain to go with that wood. For example, a walnut desk should have a walnut stain on it. If you do that, you should be really happy with the wood you pick.

Lots of people are deciding to pick glass top desks. This is an interesting choice, and has some advantages and disadvantages. For example, glass looks really modern and can create a really sleek and awesome look. It can be a little less durable than wood, and especially if it becomes cracked. Nothing is worse than having your desk collapse in on you. The metal frame of glass is also neat because it can add color, and some much need support. The key to glass top home computer desks is making sure they are taken care of.

What I would not recommend is getting cheap materials, such as “fake” wood type desks commonly sold for $50 bucks at a big box store. These desks serve their purposes for college students and people often on the move, but if you are looking to impress people and have a really nice and long lasting computer desk, these would not be it.

Some of the other modern materials include metal, which is very sturdy and looks pretty neat. If you are going with the more modern look you would probably choose this or glass, and for the classic look go with wood. The last major piece of advice I can give you over the materials you can choose for your home computer desk is that you are going to get what you pay for. Cheap materials are not going to last nearly as long, so spend a little extra money if you are looking for the perfect desk, and the desk you can have for a long time.

Source by Johnny Tepp