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Do you need a computer armoire? If so you have a small variety of armoires you can choose from.

The amount of room you have in your home will dictate the size of the computer armoire you decide to purchase.

Since there are a variety of similar desks, it’s in your best interest to consider desks that are related in style to computer armoires.

You can choose from the following type of home office desks…

* Standard Computer Armoires
* Corner Computer Armoires
* Compact Computer Cabinets
* Office Centers
* Secretary Desks
* Laptop Armoires

You’ll find that there are pros and cons to each desk, depending on which one you decide to go with.

What Size Armoire Should You Get?

Although many computer desk armoires look alike, it’s important to note that most vary in width and height. So paying attention to the dimensions of the desk you’re interested in purchasing is important. Never rely solely on a photo to determine the size of the armoire you’re interested in. Most photos are deceptive and don’t provide an actual lifelike view of the desk. In fact, you’ll find that many office armoires look much taller than they actually are in person. So it’s never a waste of time to copy the measurements of the desk you’re interested in order to understand the actual size that it is.

What are the Different Types of Computer Armoires?

You can look forward to several other desks besides basic computer armoires. The different types are: compact office cabinets, corner armoires, large office centers and laptop armoires.

Compact office cabinets are just smaller versions of office armoires. You can hide almost everything in a compact office cabinet with the exception of the monitor. Instead it sits on top of the desk in plain sight for all eyes to see.

I’m sure you guessed what corner armoires are. That’s right, an computer desk armoire made specifically for fitting in the corner of a room. There are many out there in spite of the fact that there is probably a relatively large demand for them. So if you can’t find one that works for you, you can insteand position your basic computer armoire in a corner by angling it. It may take a bit of work and it won’t save as much space but it’s a good alternative.

Office centers are armoires on sterioids. In short, they’re large armoires that will take care of almost all of your home office storage needs. You can storage anything from books, office supplies, equipment to file documents in them. Next there’s laptop armoires which could also be thought of as secretary desks. Depends on how you look at it. These desks focus solely on help you store your laptop and smaller miscellaneous items behind closed doors.

However, it should be obvious that although laptop armoires fit within the category of secretary desks, it’s common to find a good selection of secretary desks that cater to both laptops and desktops. Yet the difference between secretary desks and computer armoires is that oftentimes secretary desks store office supplies and computer armoires store office supplies and office equipment.

Discount Armoires

If money is a problem, you can do a search for cheap armoires. The best places to check are Walmart and Amazon. Also don’t rule out looking locally for a used one through Craiglist or the Freecyle website. If you prefer something new and want to consider all options, head over to Google Shopping to find the cheapest options available on the web.

Small Armoires

If space is an issue there are desks geared toward small spaces. For space saving advantages, you’ll want to focus your attention on the following type of desks: compact office cabinets, corner armoires and laptop armoires. Secretary desks may also work, but keep in mind you won’t be able to store most of your office equipment in them. One great place to check is Home Decorators Collection. They provide a unique selection of computer amoires, compact office cabinets and secretary desks to suit your needs.

Source by Tameka Norris