Website Design

Our Website Design Process

When you first contact us, you start our web design process. This process will lead us to the online presence which will accurately represent your business on the Internet. As with any other marketing work, there are some basic things we will work with you to understand. Once we understand the direction, we will begin the process.

Step 1 – Introductions

To begin the website design process, we want to meet you and your company. We want to understand what you currently use to connect with your customers, from existing webpages to emails to brochures, radio and TV advertising, etc. From that information, we can get an idea what your customers expect from you, and how you have worked in the past. At this point, we’ll map out a vision for the website. We’ll sign a contract to firm up our agreement and invoice you for the work.

Step 2 – First Attempts

This is the website design step that allows us to layout the image you are going to present online. We’ll digitize your graphics, like logos. We’ll add photos of your products, and your staff, as well as specialized equipment or processes you use. We’ll settle on a theme for your website, and we’ll put it all together in a “strawman.”

Step 3 – Review and revise

You will be responsible for taking this step in the website design process. You’ll look at what we have created, give us feedback and we’ll incorporate your feedback in a revised website. It is important to understand at this juncture that you may not agree 100% with the website direction, but we will continue to tweak the website, even if you agree we can take the site live. It IS important that the website is accurate in representing your business and meets all of the legal requirements for your business in your state or city.

Step 4 – Going live

At some point, we’ll either be at 100% of your website vision, or close enough to take the website live. Unlike airplanes, we CAN continue to work on your website even when it is in mid-flight. This is important, because it is entirely possible that feedback will tell us that the website doesn’t work exactly as we hoped. No problem! We’ll modify it again and make it work.

Step 5 – Maintenance

Once your website is live, we look forward to hearing from you regularly. You might call us to tell us that you have new photos of staff or special projects you are working on. You might email us to tell us that you are selling or using new products. And we hope you’ll call us to share feedback from your customers about the website. In every case, your monthly maintenance fees cover regular, minor maintenance on your site, so you should have almost no additional cost going forward. Of course, major changes, additions of complex pages, or completely new directions will cost more money. But we’ll send you a quote for that work before we begin.